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Plate Heat exchanger Repair

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Plate Heat Exchanger Repair

We are capable to offer Plate Heat Exchanger Repairing Services. Experts are well-trained who handle this service with meticulous planning. Also, we provide this service to our customer at nominal prices. Offered service is extremely admired amid our customers due to their economical prices and reliability.

Recondition heat exchanger with unmatched quality, consistency and predictability – these are traits that you want and expect of the technology you depend on. Whether it be the backbone of your business or the comforts of lifestyle, all the little things need to be humming along before you can focus on the big picture. With scheduled reconditioning for your Plate Heat Exchangers, efficiency and profitability become a matter of fact instead of a nagging, recurring question.

Plate and frame heat exchanger repair includes:

1. Full Service Maintenance Options

2. Heat exchanger refurbish

3. Heat exchanger regasketing

4. Heat exchanger leak testing

5. Dye Penetrant testing of plate and frame heat exchangers

6. Acid Etching and Caustic Chemical Immersion Cleaning

7. Gasket gluing

8. Old Gasket removal and cleaning

9. Chemical cleaning of plates

10. Plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning



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