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Hydraulic Filters

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Hydraulic filters

Hydraulic filters are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, micron ratings and construction materials. Hydraulic filters provide inbuilt protection and minimize hydraulic system breakdowns that are quite often caused by contamination.

Efficient filtration helps prevent system failure and makes a significant contribution to low cost of ownership. These are fitted for both low and high pressure hydraulic applications. The filter used in hydraulic system should be subjected to periodic and routine cleaning and maintenance. The life of a filter in a hydraulic system depends primarily on the system pressures, level of contamination and nature of contaminants.

Types of Filters

Surface filters : These are simple screens used to clean oil passing through the pores. The dirty unwanted particles are collected at the top surface of the screens when the oil is passed.

Depth filters : These are thick walled filter elements through which the oil is made to pass retaining the undesirable foreign particles. The capacity of depth filter is much higher than surface filters as much finer materials have a chance of being arrested by these filters.

Filters can also be classified as:

Full-flow filter : In a hydraulic system it is necessary that all the flow must be through the filter element. So, the oil must enter the filter element at its inlet side and sent out through the outlet after crossing the filter element fully. In case of full flow filtration, the filter is sized to accommodate the entire oil flow at that part of the circuit.

By-pass filter : At times, the entire volume of oil need not be filtered and thus, only a portion of the oil is passed through the filter element. The main portion is directly passed without filtration through a restricted passage.


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